33AAE6C5-C358-407C-8BED-0D080CAB0203Thanks for visiting my site. I’m an arts journalist, writer and editor with a focus on fiction and non-fiction reviews, TV, film and theatre. I’ve also written on education, careers and equal opportunities.

I offer a wide range of proofreading, editing and sub-editing services: anything from MA/PhD dissertations to full-length novels. I complete around seven books a year as a ghostwriter, too, and have extensive interviewing experience. I’m NCTJ-qualified.

I grew up in Tooting before studying English at Oxford. Afterwards I lived and worked in Paris, and am now based in London. 

I’ve written for The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, The Times Literary Supplement, The Spectator, GQ, Prospect, Good Housekeeping, Stylist, Erotic Review, Spiked, Sabotage Times, White Coffee, The Upcoming, Lifetime, Screen Robot and Planet Ivy

For all queries get in touch on zoeapostolides@gmail.com.

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